Terms and Conditions


Our revision allowance depends on your chosen package, enabling you to request revisions within the package limit. We are committed to meeting your needs, providing unlimited revisions until satisfaction. You won’t incur additional charges if design concepts remain unchanged, and revised designs will be delivered within 48 hours. Any changes requested after finalizing logo designs will be treated as a new order and billed separately.


At Techpitch, our refund policy doesn’t apply under specific conditions:

  1. Special package selection.
  2. Approval of the primary design concept.
  3. Requested revisions already.
  4. Cancellation due to reasons unrelated to the company.
  5. No contact with the company for over 2 weeks.
  6. Violation of company policies.
  7. Approaching other companies or designers for the same project.
  8. Creative brief lacking required information.
  9. Demanding a complete design change.
  10. Exceeding the given ‘request for refund’ time span.
  11. Business closure or name change.
  12. Reasons not related to the service (e.g., ‘change of mind’ or ‘disagreement with partner’) are not eligible for a refund.

Please note that Social Media, SEO, Domain Registration, and Web Hosting services are not entitled to refunds. Additionally, once the client approves the website design and development process begins, refunds for websites will not be entertained.

A money-back guarantee applies only if the initial designs are entirely rejected by the client. If additional design concepts or modifications are requested after that point, a 33% deduction from the total billing amount may be applicable, covering incurred costs such as processing fees and management/service charges.

Techpitch reserves the right to reject projects or cancel contracts as deemed necessary. After receiving the refund, clients will not retain any rights to use the designs; they become the sole property of Techpitch, and the company becomes the rightful owner of the designs.



To claim your refund send us an email at info@techpitchdigital.com. Upon receiving your refund request, we will respond promptly and initiate the process after required analysis.

After receiving the refund, you won’t retain any rights to designs submitted by Techpitch. The information will be submitted to Government Copyright Agencies for legality purposes.



At Techpitch, we strive to meet your requirements and deliver exceptional designs crafted with extensive research.


Our unlimited revisions ensure 100% satisfaction, aiming to exceed your expectations and achieve your vision. We will continue revisions until you are completely satisfied with your design (revisions vary according to your package).


The complete order will be sent to your specified account on the date mentioned in the Order Confirmation, along with a confirmation email. Turnaround time depends on the package, with a minimum of 2 business days required. For urgent orders, contact our customer support team.


Techpitch keeps records of finalized designs to provide the exact file in case of any misplaced order.


Our customer support is available 24/7 to address your concerns and queries, providing assistance anytime.


At Techpitch, we use info@techpitchdigital.com or numbers provided on our official website for communication. We take full responsibility for all information provided through our official domains and are not responsible for damages caused by using unauthorized contact details.

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